12 октября 2014

Coconut broadcasts from the United States(part one)

                            Hello everybody!My name is Nikita better known as Kakos.A couple of years ago in the height time of poverty as well as now and in basically , i began to get involved in the transfer of images from my life on the surface of the film.It took a couple of years and  not few trips left behind my back,i suggest you rate my photos from my recent trip to United States of America.            

My trip was absolutely opposed to the usual skate trip, where you drink at night and in the morning barely wade eyes going on the spot and try to film cilps.It developed into a life of an ordinary resident of the city of New York .Where get up for work, possibly skate, if you have time and energy, you come home, waste time in front of  a computer  and so every day.It a bit like the plot of the movie" Groundhog Day''.

Terribly tired of the bustling and busy city, and from the life of man in the street, I was very pleased to be invited by my friend Justin (Justin) in sunny California. With Justin I met on the spot in New York during the filming of his video "Deadass ''. 
He gave a couple of his photos from his habitats.

Nick- dude doing incredible tricks , I think we will soon see on the covers of popular  skateboard magazines and  he is just a good friend. Nick sorry for the bottle of urine, which I left in your room.
On the photo one more cool man,who doing so good tricks like all of Justin's friends.

I think i found  he twin Nikita Dedov.This is Kyle,he like to buy burgers to his friends.

Just before flying to the United States, waking up still stoned on the floor at Palich(my friend Vladimir) I noticed a little shit on the face, but I have no idea what my face just start to rot. Thats why I was kept 2 hours in room with unsightly people , and the people refused to fly the plane next to me. I did not take on the job, so I decided not to fray pants  and be a companion to my father working truck driver .The pictures were taken on the move from the driver as well as in Florida.

                                Plantation watermelons, which we took the goods.
Returning from a working trip I continued my life in the city of noise, trash and real Hustlers. Just enjoy the photos.

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